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New Year Resolutions 2023

4 Conscious New Year Resolutions For 2023

At the start of every new year, we are flooded with new year resolutions to change our lives for the better. Whether it’s to exercise more, eat more healthy foods, or spend less time on our phones, we are full of ambition to make big changes in our daily habits in the new year. Here […]

Sustainable Christmas

6 Tips To A Sustainable Christmas

Choosing to celebrate Christmas and the festivities in December while being conscious of the environment can feel absolutely rewarding – try it out! Here are some of our top tips for a sustainable Christmas you could consider this holiday season. Get a real tree and Either Upcycle It Or plant it (Depending on Where You […]

What is COP27? Everything You Need To Know

What is COP27? Everything You Need To Know

COP27 is an acronym that stands for the 27th Conference of the Parties, which is a major international summit organised by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. In 2022, COP27 is taking place in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt from November 6th to the 18th. This high-level meeting, held every year, brings together leaders and […]

Cork Yoga Mat Moon Phases Hybrid Hippie

6 Reasons Why Every Yogi Must Use a Cork Yoga Mat

Cork is a Sustainable Resource That is harvested from the bark of cork trees Cork is a sustainable resource that is harvested from the bark of oak trees. These trees are found in predominantly in Portugal, and the cork is harvested every nine years. The cork is then used to make products such as wine […]


لماذا يعتبر القنب هو المحصول العجيب؟

في عالم تسيطر فيه الموضة السريعة على صناعة الأزياء، من المهم جداً أن نبذل جهدنا في اختيار الملابس المستدامة المصممة لتدوم طويلاً. فإن أحد هذه الأقمشة التي تستحق اختيارها هو القنب، و الذي يوفر العديد من الفوائد البيئية مقارنة بالمواد الاصطناعية أو حتى القطن. خلال ال [...]

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