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Hybrid Hippie originated from a visionary aspiration to instil the ethos of sustainable living and promote conscientious consumption. Our fundamental goal was to revolutionise conventional business practices, paving the way for a profoundly different approach that resonates with the values we hold dear.

Our journey involves not only upholding the highest ethical standards throughout the entirety of our operations, from the meticulous sourcing of raw materials to the creation of plastic-free products, but also extending this commitment to forging a profound positive impact. Our mission was never simply confined to the boundaries of consumer experience; it was about forging a symbiotic relationship with our environment, our communities, and our world.

Over the past 36 months, our unwavering efforts have been channelled into minimising our ecological footprint. We’ve achieved this by meticulously crafting our offerings at our facilities powered by renewable energy, contributing to a circular economy that benefits both nature and people. Moreover, our dedication to sustainability is manifest in our shipping practices, which are conscientiously designed to minimise plastic usage.

In our inaugural year of operation, our impact reverberated even further. Through our resolute commitment to global reforestation initiatives, we managed to offset nearly 3x the carbon emissions we generated, underscoring our devotion to environmental restoration and preservation. As we reflect upon this milestone, we are emboldened to continue treading the path toward a future where commerce and consciousness seamlessly intertwine, fostering a world where every choice made holds the potential to uplift, sustain, and heal.

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