Makeup Remover Pads – 16 Reusable Bamboo-Cotton Rounds

AED 58.00

Our reusable makeup remover pads are crafted with 3 layers of the softest organic bamboo and cotton fibres, keeping you in mind. The pads have been designed to be reused over and over again – and, should last you a few years with the right care. We’ve got you covered through the week, every week; each set of Hybrid Hippie zero-waste reusable makeup remover pads comes with a combination of 3 different types of pad to help you easily apply products or remove any kind of makeup:

  • 6x Ultra-Soft Bamboo-Velvet Pads – for applying facial products and removing your everyday makeup.
  • 6x Bamboo Cotton Pads – for removing the rather stubborn makeup products; works for a gentle scrub.
  • 4x Bamboo Charcoal Pads – for removing darker Colored makeup products and mascara, without having to worry about staining the white pads.

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Makeup Remover Pads
Makeup Remover Pads - 16 Reusable Bamboo-Cotton Rounds AED 58.00
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The pads are made from ethically sourced organic cotton and bamboo and are extremely durable – making them a great alternative to the single-use cotton rounds.

  • Made using sustainably sourced Organic Bamboo and Cotton.
  • The set includes 16x 3.15-inch pads.
  • Includes a mesh laundry bag made from organic cotton.
  • Each set is equivalent to approximately 20,000 disposable cotton rounds.
  • Machine Washable
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Designed in the United Arab Emirates
Makeup Remover Pads - 16 Reusable Bamboo-Cotton Rounds

Ethically Sourced Materials

At the heart of Hybrid Hippie’s reusable makeup remover pads lies the careful selection of materials. Bamboo, known for its impressive sustainability credentials, is at the forefront. This fast-growing plant thrives with remarkable efficiency, demanding minimal water and sparing the environment from excessive pesticide use. Its eco-friendly qualities make it an ideal choice for conscientious consumers.

Our journey begins in sustainable bamboo forests in Asia, where bamboo is harvested with meticulous care. Responsible harvesting practices are paramount, as they ensure the bamboo plants continue to flourish. Selective cutting is employed to maintain a healthy balance, allowing new shoots to sprout and ensuring the long-term vitality of these remarkable forests.

Use, Rinse, Repeat

Each set comes with 16 pads and 1 mesh laundry bag to make your life easier than ever.

To ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your reusable makeup remover pads, follow these care instructions. If you prefer machine washing your reusable pads at the end of the week, place the pads in the included mesh laundry bag to prevent tangling, and use a gentle cycle with warm water and eco-friendly detergent of your choice.

Alternatively, opt for hand washing by submerging the pads in warm, soapy water, gently agitating them, and rinsing thoroughly. After washing, gently squeeze out excess water and press the pads between clean towels. Finally, ensure they’re completely dry before storing them in a clean, dry place, ready for your next use.

Makeup Remover Pads - 16 Reusable Bamboo-Cotton Rounds
Makeup Remover Pads - 16 Reusable Bamboo-Cotton Rounds

Super Versatile

Experience the ultimate versatility in your daily skincare routine with our thoughtfully curated set of reusable bamboo pads. Within this set, you’ll discover a total of 6 ultra-soft bamboo-velvet pads, each designed with your comfort in mind. These luxurious pads offer a gentle touch when applying your favourite facial products and effortlessly sweep away your everyday makeup, leaving your skin feeling pampered and refreshed.

For those days when your makeup puts up a bit of resistance, we’ve also included 6 bamboo cotton pads. These are your go-to companions for removing even the most stubborn makeup products. Their slightly textured surface provides just the right amount of exfoliation, offering a gentle scrub that leaves your skin clean and revitalised.

But we didn’t stop there. To cater to your unique makeup needs, we’ve included 4 bamboo charcoal pads. These pads are specially designed to tackle darker coloured makeup products and stubborn mascara.

Plastic-Free Compostable Packaging

Eco-consciousness is at the core of every detail we curate for your experience.

Upon unboxing your brand new set of Reusable Makeup Remover Pads, you’ll find them thoughtfully packaged in an eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing manner. This package includes a total of 16 bamboo reusable pads along with a convenient mesh laundry bag.

The packaging is made from recycled kraft paper and printed on using soy-based inks.

Makeup Remover Pads - 16 Reusable Bamboo-Cotton Rounds

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